Please familiarize yourself with my likes and dislikes as I am not like other Dommes


I offer only true, authentic Domination. Serving my whims, giving of yourself, selflessly.

If serving a Goddess would make you most happy, then read on

If you are looking for someone to do this, that and the other thing to you, then contact someone else.

I only play with service and worship oriented men.

I am not interested in being told what to do to you


As seen on

After years of escorting for the elite, I have semi-retired to a more natural way of being.

One that allows my truest nature to play

You're here because something is missing. You have an urge, you have instincts, you have maybe not yet been able to explore. That's where I come in

Unlike other Dominatrixes found online, who are often just non-dominant women playing dress up,

I am the real deal. This is my true calling and my nature. I have been a lifestyle Domme / Goddess for almost 15 years now. 24/7. It's not simply something I do for pay.

I get it, you will not serve just anyone. It takes a supremely beautiful, educated, successful and worldly woman to bring out the best in you. Someone who does not need you. Someone who has been spoiled for years and simply expects it. Fall in line, serve me, my home, my whims and sometimes my guests, this is my true nature.

Sessions are hosted at my 1.6 million dollar home. No dungeon. No pretenses. No latex. No leather, I will wear whatever the fuck I want. But yet, I am captivating even in my your rubbing my feet as I drift off to sleep at night. And that's what you like about me.

There are many options and possibilities of service. You can read about them here. All have one thing in common: be prepared to add to my life. How else can I say this: Show up expecting me to do things to you and I will show you the door. Go call one of those women playing dress up. I am not here to fulfill your requests.


I expect service and submission. Do you truly understand the difference? If so, perhaps we should meet


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