I decided to make a page just for any new potential clients who have found me on Backpage

To continue to my regular website please click on www.meetingwithmaya.com

I realize Backpage is full of bait and switch ads and scams. Show up, and meet someone entirely different then the photos, and in worst cases, men can get robbed by women, pimps or put in other predicaments.

Not all providers on Backpage are legitimate. Does she not list a name? another bad sign. Zero reviews? stay away.

I just wanted to assure you that I am in fact real and local 

I have been reviewed on The Erotic Review Board.

I do not have a lot of reviews, because honestly I am not high volume. I focus on quality over quantity.

I prefer to meet someone, treat them very well and hope to see them again! There are some years where I only saw a handful of close friends who are not really part of the review culture. When you find something good, sometimes you want to keep it to yourself, right? ;)

My reviews are listed here



I have also been mentioned in articles such as


And on Datecheck http://san-francisco.date-check.com/Ashow-escort-pub.asp?ProID=ms4365f

I really only desire to meet a few new people via Backpage.

My ideal client is under 55, and looking for a fun time for both of us.

If you are looking for someone more upscale then the average Backpage offering, perhaps we are a good fit! I am happy to meet those looking for a one time indulgence or those who have never seen an escort before.

I am drug free (I barely drink) and while I only indulge in safe activities, I do actually have medical records if you would like to see them. Safety is a top priority

Hope this helps put you at ease!