First of all, pardon my tone here. I am a positive person in general, and someone who loves life. I am not overly political. But The Erotic Review is such a bad site.  I wish I could support the review system. Ideally, it could be a fair and just resource. But it truly isn't

And let me preface this by saying this because I have bad reviews. I don't. My reviews are very good. I am saying this because they are despicable people who threaten providers

Reviews are often completely fake. Especially those on The Erotic Review. I have received several emails asking to buy good reviews for $100 a piece. This is a common practice. To see an example straight from my inbox, click here


Also, it is very easy for angry or unstable men to seek revenge or blackmail a provider they have never even seen. No matter how obvious the fake review is, they are still posted. It is nearly impossible to remove a bad review, even with evidence the meeting never occurred. I have tried. TER support is non-existance. They simply don't care.

I cannot condone participating in a website that supports this.

Lastly, TER is also well known for adjusting every single review. They do not publish this policy openly, but if you give your favorite GFE a 10/10 review but do not include graphic descriptions of very specific services from a list they supply, they will reduce it to a 7 or a 8/10. If Yelp did this, we would have an outcry. But providers are often silenced. I certainly cannot post about it on TER

How does this behavior carry on? Well, TER reviews every single post on its message board. Try and speak out about these issues, and you will find your posts are never posted or you are banned. Most people are completely unaware.

Lastly, TER does not respect the wishes of providers who ask to have their profiles removed. There is literally no way to get delisted. No matter how many emails you write. Even if you have retired, you now have a blow by blow account of all the (illegal) activities you engaged in. Think about that.

So, for these reasons, please do not use TER. You will notice, I have very few reviews, that is because most of my clientele are educated about this topic, and do not participate in that vile and disgusting board.

Please know, when I meet you for the first time, I am hoping it will be the first of many encounters. I aim to treat you with respect and attention, enough that you will be thinking of me for months to come :)

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